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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Stupid GIS mistakes

Hopefully this will be supplemented with a post from one of the students. Also, Adrian's trip to China post has gone missing.... I will try to find it. 

In any case, a quick update from me. Today we had a long day of driving. Two sample sites. We got to the first site pretty easily and were done sampling by noon. Yue and I looked at the iPad to figure out where to go to the second site. The location on the iPad didn't look quite right to me, but I quieted my concern and went with it. After lunch at a road side noodle and BBQ chicken stall, we drove through an awful construction zone (as in a road under construction while we used it). We got through that and just about to the sample site when Yue said she couldn't see the sample points on the GIS anymore. Hmm... Turns out all the driving (at least 3 hrs) was completely the wrong way to the wrong place. It took us another 2 hours to get back to the highway and another hour back to honghe. I feel so stupid because I knew that it wasn't the right spot. We couldn't go get the sample because we were 5 hrs from it, plus sample time, plus 3 hrs back to town. And it was 4 pm. 

We won't be able to get the sample now because it would put us an entire day behind schedule. We decided that cutting a day from somewhere else wasn't worth it for a 109 km2 basin with 10 years data, particularly because we weren't positive which river the station was on. 

Anyway, it was completely my fault and the tour of the road under construction and banana plantations were interesting but collecting the planned sample certainly would have been better. 

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