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Monday, December 30, 2013

Intro: Dom Fiallo

Hi Everybody,

I'm Dom and I'm a second-year from Western Massachusetts. I'm a Geology major with a minor in Chemistry and also play lacrosse at Oberlin. I started working in the lab this past fall and have been focusing mostly on the sediment erosion and transportation project. Right now I am at home running a lot and packing in as many days of skiing as New England's funky weather allows me. In a few days I will fly out to Oakland, California where I will intern at an elementary school for J-term and run a half marathon in the Santa Cruz mountains. This has been an amazing semester working in the lab and I can't wait to get back to research this spring!

This past semester I worked closely with Gabby preparing and running Soil samples in HARBIN, our germanium detector. When I get back to school Gabby and I will be able to look more closely at the sediment movement which has occurred in our watershed. I was recently accepted to the Mellon-Mays Undergraduate Research Fellowship and will be continuing my research on this project over the summer. I am also interested in learning more from Adrian about the journey meteoric isotopes take in Earth's atmosphere and how it affects the way geologists use these isotopes to learn about sediment movement.

Look at all that geology! Dead Man's Canyon, Sierra Nevadas. 

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