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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Dominica Day 4

While Mazi is all for muffin hands, I feel strongly corduory would make a great alternative for skin. However, we both agree that sulfur stained skin is a no-no. Sadly, that is what the Hyrdogeology guys got today. Wotten Waven had two hot tubs in the ground that were filled with sulfur and high in pH.  They sampled the whole area and got one or two extra sample areas than needed. Luckily, after dividing and conquering they have sampling down to a science now. At Micotrin, Mazi used his three syringe method to bring the stop to a quick finish.

The Geomorph guys tagged along and got their first sediment samples. Ankle deep in water, they sieved for sediment, which they will later use for Be-10 dating.

The petrology crew had an adventurous day, beginning with an introduction to the massive Grand Bay Ignimbrite, a pyroclastic deposit sourced from the collapse of an eruption column.

Half of the group then headed to Foundland on a scavenger hunt for plutonic nodules, while the other half sought to tackle the brainteaser that is Fond St Jean.  The Fond St Jean Ignimbrite (pictured below, Karl and Nolan for scale) has been lumped in with the Grand Bay Ignimbrite in the past, but key difference raise skepticism.

Walking the length of the outcrop raise only more questions.  We found distinct lava flows with brecciated margins and laminated eruptive deposits!  The excitement continued as we walked up-section to find a mess of lava flows, lapilli-rich deposits, and scoria, further complicating the story of Fond St Jean.  The day finished on the beach sieving sand, acquiring both zircons and a wee sunburn.
Also, doggos!


  1. :0 team corduroy all the way...also, what a good dog.

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