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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

6/14/17 Dominica Day 3

6/14/17 Dominica Day 3

Would you rather have muffins for hands or corduroy skin? Normally we ponder more scientific inquiries, but today, as we took shelter inside the Trafalgar Falls welcome center, hoping to wait out the torrential downpours that ended up following us for the rest of the day, our attention was focused toward the more implausible. The rain let up and we marched on to the falls where Amanda explained how different materials (in this case welded tuff) weather at different rates, resulting in 125 ft and 75 ft falls. Aftrr team Hydro took samples in a nearby stream, we split into two groups (Hydro/Geomorphology and Petrology) and set off towards more samples.

The Petrology group ventured up the winding roads to Morne Micotrin to hit rocks with hammers, and despite a buffeting wind and substantial rains were successful in collecting unaltered rocks from which thin sections will be made. Team Geomorph braved Dominica's mountainous roads in attempt to finally get some samples. But unfortunately when we arrived on site, locals warned us against the dangerous river conditions and the sieves remained dry and in the car. Both teams headed back early today to start researching literature and have a productive afternoon planning individual projects.


-Kira & Nolan

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