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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Let the leaching begin!

Hey everybody!

I hope you all are having a wonderful semester and enjoying the refreshing autumn weather. October break will soon be upon us!
I’ve had a very exciting first few weeks back at Oberlin. A large portion of the semester consisted of prepping for GSA back in September. That involved finalizing the leaching data that Adrian and I collected last semester and any new data collected over the summer by Marcus and Monica. Monica, Marcus, Adrian and I also spent time putting together a poster worthy of a presentation at GSA. And before I knew it, I was on a plane to Denver, Colorado to present at the conference!
It was a fantastic experience overall. I had the opportunity to see Oberlin alums, meet professionals from all different fields of geology, and even explore the city of Denver a bit with my fellow geo-nerds. The presentation of the poster with Adrian and Monica went smoothly and we spent the rest of our time at GSA going to geology talks and meetings. It was a very informative trip and even gave me a few new ideas about which fields of geology I may wish to pursue in the future.
And now on to…LEACHING! Our lab group has split up into smaller teams and everybody is embarking on the wonderful adventure that is leaching in the Carnegie geochem lab. Each lab member is getting to learn how to do the entire process and many samples are being leached every week. Monica, Gabe, and I are working on the CH-0XX samples (samples from the China trip a year or two ago).
As of right now, that is all that’s been happening. I’ll upload another blog post later in the year and hopefully have more to say. Monica and Gabe are both on my mini-team for the leaching project, so feel free to check out any blog posts that they upload and keep up-to-date on our progress!
Hope you all are enjoying the amazing ~fall~ weather!


P.S. Check out Marcus’ post if you want a quick refresher on the leaching process! J

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